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Amon, junto con Tarrlok, son las dos primeras personas que mueren en pantalla en La Leyenda de Korra. Amon es la tercera persona conocida que logra liberarse por sus propios medios del efecto de la Sangre Control. Tarrlok mencionó que su hermano era el más fuerte Maestro con el que se había encontrado The Legend of Korra. Amon (阿蒙; ā Méng) (voiced by Steven Blum), born Noatak, was the charismatic and mysterious leader of The Equalists, and the main villain of the first season. Nickelodeon's press release described Amon as a nimble, stealthy fighter who shows no fear even against the highest-level bender

The Legend of Korra was initially conceived as a twelve-episode miniseries.Nickelodeon declined the creators' pitch for an Avatar: The Last Airbender follow-up animated movie based on what then became the three-part comics The Promise, The Search and The Rift, choosing instead to expand Korra to 26 episodes. The series was expanded further in July 2012 to 52 episodes Amon is a fictional character in Nickelodeon 's animated television series The Legend of Korra.The character was created by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko and is voiced by Steve Blum. Amon first appeared in the series' premiere, Welcome to Republic City, and was the primary antagonist of the show until his death in the season one finale. He is portrayed as an anonymous activist. Amon appears as a playable character, in Super Brawl 3. There are four characters representing The Legend of Korra. He fights with strong punches and kicks. His special move is called; Blood Bending Stun in which he does a strong forwards shock to the blood of the opponent. Amon has two Fan characters like everyone else Amon is a fictional character in Nickelodeon's animated television series The Legend of Korra. The character was created by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko and is voiced by Steve Blum.1 Amon first appeared in the series' premiere, Welcome to Republic City, and was the primary antagonist of Book One.2 He is portrayed as an anonymous activist, able to sway people to his side with. Amorra is a het ship between Amon and Korra from The Legend of Korra fandom. 1 Canon 2 Fanon 3 Fandom 4 Variations 5 Navigation Korra and Amon are natural enemies with Korra being the Avatar and Amon being an antagonist who wants to rid the world of all bending. As soon as Amon heard that Korra arrived in Republic City, he decided to speed up his plans. Korra first saw Amon when she sneaked.

Amon is a villain from the animated television series, The Legend of Korra. He is the main antagonist of the first book of the series, Air. 1 Fanon Wiki Ideas So Far 1.1 Battle Record 1.2 Possible Opponent 2 History 3 Death Battle Info 4 Feats Adam Taurus vs. Amon (Completed) Amon vs. Equality.. Amon (real name Nortak) is a character and villain from The Legend of Korra. He is voiced by Steve Blum, who also voiced Vilgax in Ben 10. Amon is the mastermind of Legend of Korra Book One: Air. He was once the head of the Equalists, a group dedicated to ridding the world of benders. Despite his extreme ways, he had a bit of a point considering things. He was a great challenge to the heroes. Lieumon is the slash ship between Amon and the Lieutenant from The Legend of Korra fandom. 1 Canon 2 Fanon 3 Fandom 4 Navigation It is unknown how Amon first met the Lieutenant but they worked closely together as Equalists. The two always had mutual trust and admiration for each other. Amon trusted the Lieutenant enough to make him is second in command and the Lieutenant dedicated his life to.

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For theories about other subjects, see The Legend Of Korra Wild Mass Guessing Index. He somehow sneaked into the pro-bending ring without being detected. It's ok for the other Equalists who disguised themselves as the audience, but Amon? How did he get past the security checks and all? Sato could have got them through VIP access, but Amon's face would be too conspicuous if it was as badly. Amon (real name Noatak) is the main antagonist of season one in Legend of Korra. He is the leader of an anti-bender group called the Equalists. Amon is one of the few in the world that is capable of removing one's bending abilities, the other being Aang. This was the Equalists main goal, removing a bender's ability. Before being revealed that he was a waterbender by Korra, he claimed that he. Amon is the mysterious leader of the underground Equalist revolution and is the main antagonist of Book 1: Air. He wears a mask to conceal his face, burned by a group of firebenders (or so he claims) Amon egy olyan Egyesült Köztársaságról ábrándozott, ahol ő a korlátlan úr, és titkolt (és tiltott) képességével minden más idomárt ellehetetlenít. Korra azonban kemény küzdelem és az idomítási képessége elvesztése árán végül legyőzte őt és megfosztotta hatalmi bázisától, amikor lerántotta róla a leplet {{Template:Infobox character||image = Amon.jpeg |name = Amon |shows = The Last Avatar: Legend of Korra |personality = Mysterious, Evil |appearance = Usually wears a black robe. Wears a mask to hide his face. |occupation = Leader of a criminal Organization |alliance = Anti-Benders |friends = Equalists |enemies = Benders, Korra, Mako, Bolin, Tenzin, Lin Beifong, Tarrlock, Bumi |dislikes.

Amon is the infamous leader of the rebel Equalist organization, and the primary antagonist in season one of Avatar: The Legend of Korra. The masked villain struck fear into the elemental benders of Republic City in a 'revelation' where he expressed the ability to take away one's bending abilities, claiming the feat was a gift from the spirits. In reality, Amon is Noatak, a powerful. Amon is an extremely powerful warrior and bloodbender of the highest order. He is manipulative, cunning, and charismatic. He is the main villain in Avatar: The Legend of Korra and a major player in the second Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War. 1 Disney Vs Non Disney Villains - Part Two 1.1 Beginnings 1.2 Ratcliffe's Faction 1.3 Vs John Castaway 1.4 The Battle of England 1.5 New King of England.

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  1. Amon ist der Antagonist (Hauptschurke) aus der ersten Staffel von Die Legende von Korra. Er ist ein mächtiger Blutbändiger aus dem Hause Yakone, der sich als Nichtbändiger vorstellt, um die Gunst der Nichtbändiger zu erlangen. Mit ihnen versuchte er Republica in seine Gewalt zu bringen, sodass er alle Bändiger auf der gesamten Welt (zuerst natürlich in Republica) equalisieren kann. 1.
  2. Korra was a human female and the immediate successor to Avatar Aang. Although born as the only child to her parents Tonraq and Senna in the Southern Water Tribe, at the age of six she became an older sister to Caran, a young Force-sensitive boy adopted into her family after she found him as a baby in the wreckage of a crashed ship. Despite the origin of Caran and his powers remaining a mystery.
  3. Amon merupakan sebuah karakter fiksi dalam serial televisi animasi Nickelodeon The Legend of Korra.Karakter tersebut dibuat oleh Michael Dante DiMartino dan Bryan Konietzko serta diisi oleh Steven Blum. Amon pertama kali muncul dalam episode perdana pada serial tersebut, Welcome to Republic City, dan merupakan antagonis utama pada Buku Pertama. Referens
  4. g the might of Kuvira's Earth Empire. Feat
  5. La leggenda di Korra (The Legend of Korra) è un serie animata statunitense, creata da Michael Dante DiMartino e Bryan Konietzko.Sequel di Avatar - La leggenda di Aang, andata in onda su Nickelodeon, la serie è stata trasmessa sullo stesso canale per la prima volta da aprile 2012 al dicembre 2014.In Italia lo show è andato in onda su Nickelodeon tra il dicembre 2012 e l'agosto 2015
  6. However, as she witnessed Amon on the verge of taking Mako's bending as well, she unlocked her airbending and managed to overpower Amon. After the Equalists' defeat, Korra traveled to the Southern Water Tribe, hoping that Katara could undo Amon's action. The old healer was unable to, however, and a heartbroken Korra ran off to grieve on her own
  7. Amon (Legend of Korra) View source. History. Talk (0) Origins: Avatar - Legend of Korra. Classification: Human Waterbender, Equalist leader. Threat level: Tiger-. Physical strength: At least superhuman, up to building with Bending. Attack potency/Destructive capacity: Up to building, Bloodbending ignores conventional durability

Antagonizing, manipulating and attempting to kill Korra. Goals: Take over Republic City and take away Korra's bending (initially succeeded). Defeat Avatar Korra. Rid the world of bending and make all people both bending and non-bending equal among each other at any cost (all eventually failed). Crimes: Hatemongering. Terrorism. Usurping. Frau Korra used the phrase if you're man enough to face me when trying to goad Amon into fighting her, which was the same phrase Katara used when she goaded Pakku into fighting her. Korra's design was inspired by various female MMA fighters, one being Gina Carano Korra ends up fighting a strong array of benders, starting with Amon, head of the Equalists. A group of domestic terrorists who are upset at how differently benders and non-benders are treated. Amon organized the Equalists as his own army of outraged citizens. Amon's end goal was to take-over the city as a unified criminal gang leader While The Last Airbender predominantly had Firebenders as antagonists, The Legend of Korra mainly features villains from each of the other elements; with Amon, Tarrlok, Unalaq, and Ming-Hua being Waterbenders, Zaheer being a recently new Airbender, and Ghazan and Kuvira being Earthbenders. P'Li was the only Firebender villain Amon był osobą wykalkulowaną i manipulującą; jego strategie były dobrze zaplanowane i wykonane z wielką skutecznością. Był również ostrożny, ponieważ unikał bezpośredniego konfliktu z tkaczami, szczególnie tymi o wielkiej mocy, takimi jak Korra, wiedząc, że ryzykuje ujawnieniem się w ich obliczu

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Ámon főpapja vagy Ámon első prófétája (ḥm nṯr tpỉ n ỉmn) magas rangú főpap volt az ókori Egyiptomban. Ámon a XVIII. dinasztia idején vált Théba lokális istenségéből az ország legjelentősebb istenévé. Első főpapjai is ennek a dinasztiának az idején jelennek meg, és a különböző fáraóktól az istennek juttatott adományok révén hatalmuk egyre nőtt. Airbending: After Amon severed Korra's connection to her first three elements and was about to take Mako's firebending, Korra's emotional build-up allowed her to fully connect with her spiritual side to utilize airbending. Despite only knowing the theory and practice of its forms, Korra has shown considerable skill and power in airbending. Korra (寇柆 T, Kòu Lā P) è un personaggio immaginario e la protagonista della serie animata statunitense La leggenda di Korra, creato da Michael Dante DiMartino e Bryan Konietzko.. È una ragazza di 17 anni proveniente dalla Tribù dell'Acqua del Sud.Sostituisce l'Avatar Aang, morto a 166 anni (biologicamente 66) ma più volte presente nella serie come spirito per aiutare lei o il figlio.

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korra is the current incarnation of the avatar and immediate successor of avatar aang. born and raised in the southern water tribe, where she mastered waterbending, earthbending, and firebending,1 she later relocated to republic city to attain a similar proficiency with airbending under the tutelage and guidance of tenzin as well as overcome her aversion to the spiritual aspects of the bending. Korra was a human female and the immediate successor to Avatar Aang.Although born as the only child to her parents Tonraq and Senna in the Southern Water Tribe, at the age of six she became an older sister to Caran, a young Force-sensitive boy adopted into her family after she found him as a baby in the wreckage of a crashed ship. Despite the origin of Caran and his powers remaining a mystery. Bumi is one of the supporting characters of The Legend of Korra. He is Avatar Aang and Katara's first child and eldest son, as well as the only one to be born a nonbender among the couple's three children; he later developed airbending abilities after the Harmonic Convergence of 171 AG. Before his retirement, he was the commander of the Second Division of the United Forces. 1 Overview 2.

Korra entra para Os Furões de Fogo, um time de dominação profissional. Amon, diferente de muitos outros, tem um poder especial; ele diz ter sido escolhido pelos espíritos para livrar o mundo da dobra, sendo assim capaz de retirar a dobra de qualquer pessoa 1 Avatar Korra Bio Southern Water Tribe Human Female Avatar Age:21 2 Life 3 Bending 3.1 Waterbending 3.2 Earthbending 3.3 Metalbending 3.4 Firebending 3.5 Airbending 3.6 Energy Bending 4 Family, Friend and Mentor Relationships 170 AG: Faced Amon,Amon took her bending ,Airbended for the first time,Unlocked connection to past avatars. 171 AG:Face Unalaq,Faved another avatar,destroyed Unalaq and. The Legend of Korra là một bộ phim hoạt hình truyền hình Mỹ được tạo bởi Bryan Konietzko và Michael Dante DiMartino và được Nickelodeon được phát sóng từ ngày 14 tháng 4 năm 2012 đến ngày 19 tháng 12 năm 2014. Đây là phần tiếp theo của loạt phim Avatar: The Last Airbender trước đó của Konietzko và DiMartino, được phát sóng.

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Korra is a supporting character in The Awesome Universe's Kung Fu Panda franchise. She is Daniel's caring and protective mother she loves her son more than anything and does everything to protect him from dangerous enemies (like The Unknown Enemy and Amon). After Daniel was taken from her when he was just a little child. Korra decided not to lose him again. 1 Biography 1.1 In Kung Fu Panda. Korra appears as a playable character in Ultimate Nickelodeon Brawl Stars X. She is one of the three characters to represent her show, the others being Asami and Amon. Bio. Korra is the newest incarnation of the 'Avatar', a bender capable of wielding the elements of fire, water, earth and air Korra No matter what happens, no matter how crazy things get, I'll always try to restore balance. Korra; . Avatar Korra is the main protagonist of The Legend of Korra (sequel series to Avatar: The Last Airbender) and is the immediate successor to Avatar Aang, who died at age 66 from a side-effect of being frozen in an iceberg.By the time The Legend of Korra premiered, Korra had already. [Outside, Amon puts Tarrlok in the back of a truck. The door to the cabin bursts open as Korra jumps out into the open. She and Amon lock eyes. Amon turns to face her. Korra, after a moment's hesitation, bends the snow around her into icicles, which Amon avoids. Korra runs away and slides down a nearby hill. Amon halts his pursuit

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Also Amon didn't fight Korra after that point, he realized his revolution was over and escaped. 7 years ago. Killemall. Follow 19020. Forum Posts. 12398. Wiki Points. 0.. Korra faints as Amon jabs Korra on her shoulder. During her unconsciousness, she sees a vision of Sokka, Toph, Aang, and Yakone. The people in the vision all seem about the right age to be living in 128 AG. Aang charges toward the camera, ready to attack

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Alors qu'Amon est sur le point d'enlever sa maîtrise à Mako, Korra lui porte une attaque dont la nature tient, à sa grande surprise, de l'élément air. Elle projette Amon dans la mer. En refaisant surface, Amon se montre en maître de l'eau et sans sa cicatrice (qu'il avait juste simulé par un maquillage), devant tout un public Korra győzött volna, hiszen Tarrloknak már nem volt vize, amit idomíthatott volna, de a véridomítással a tanácsnok végül fölénybe került. Amikor Tarrlok felment a pince lépcsőjén, már ott várt rá Amon néhány emberével. Amon közölte, azért jött, hogy Tarrlok is végre egyenlővé váljon Unalaq is one of the main antagonists of Nickelodeon's Avatar television franchise, serving as one of the four main antagonists of The Legend of Korra (alongside Amon, Zaheer and Kuvira) by being an unseen antagonist of Book 1: Air, one of the two main antagonists (alongside Vaatu)of Book 2: Spirits, the posthumous overarching antagonist of Book 3: Change and a posthumous antagonist of the. ZFDB Episode 7: Rey vs Korra. They are the new generation in a long line of destined defenders of order. But in this deadly duel between Jedi and Avatar, one will fall! Rey vs Korra is the seventh episode of Zeo Fanon DEATH BATTLE!, featuring Rey from the Star Wars series and Korra from the The Legend of Korra series in a battle two powerful. Amon is one of the most frightening villains in all of Avatar-- between his hidden identity, powerful bloodbending, strategic mind, and leadership skills-- h..

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Korra is the titular main protagonist of the television series, Avatar: The Legend of Korra. Korra is the successor to Aang, main-character of the previous series Avatar: The Last Airbender. All benders in Korra's world are innately born with the power to manipulate an element and these traits are randomly passed down along societies they grow up in, whose nations have taken on names based on. Avatar Korra is the current Avatar after Aang. She helped maintain peace in Republic City and stopped the Equalist revolt. Born in the Southern Water Tribe, Korra easily mastered three of the four elements at an early age. When first discovered that she was the Avatar, the Order of White Lotus kept her protected until she turned seventeen. Korra easily mastered water, earth, and fire, but. Welcome to the Roblox: Legend of Korra Wiki! This is still a work in progress. Feel free to help us fill in the missing information and pages on the topics bellow. Important articles. The 4 Bending Elements. Unlocking Sub Elements. Placeholder. Secret Locations. Placeholder. In-game Events Amon kan verwijzen naar: . Amon (mythologie), een Egyptische god Amon van Juda, een koning van Juda; Amon Tobin, een Braziliaanse muzikant; Amon (band), een Nederlandse hiphopgroep Amon (raceteam), een Formule 1-team uit Nieuw-Zeeland opgericht door Chris Amon Amon (StarCraft), een kwaadaardige Xel'naga uit StarCraft Amon (The Legend of Korra), de belangrijkste antagonist uit de televisieserie. 1 Skills 2 Personality 3 Appearance 4 Relationships 5 History 6 Pandora History Earth, Fire, Air, Water. There are four elements and only the avatar can bind them all to his will. The Avatar exists to keep balance in the world. Balance between the elements and balance between those who can bend and those who can't. Korra is the latest Avatar in the long line of reincarnation and thus can.

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Korra, Amon, and Tarrlok have to hide a body together, in the middle of the episode The Voice in the Night (ie before Korra challenges Amon to a duel). Korra gains a new clarity from the experience, while the plans of others are seriously disrupted. Someone underage having sexual thoughts, also swearing. Language: English Words: 3,176. Korra y Mako se besan, después de que Korra recupero sus poderes. Cuando Amon, domino cuidad republica, ellos empezaron a tener mas contacto amoroso, aunque Mako todavía salia con Asumi, eso causo su ruptura, pero cuando ellos dos lucharon contra Amon, Korra perdió sus poderes, aun así Korra obtuvo aire control, llevándolo al mar y. Amon a faz ficar inconsciente e Korra vê momentos flaskback a partir de quando Aang estava vivo na época em que a cidade foi fundada. Amon desaparece, e Tenzin chega para ajudar Korra que é deixada chorando nos braços dele, com medo e traumatizada. Enquanto isso, Mako quase é atropelado em Asami Sato e ela o convida para jantar Amon then reveals that he has captured Tenzin and his family, whom Korra and Mako then free. Amon overpowers Mako and Korra, and removes her bending powers; but is overcome when Korra achieves air bending after long failure, and his escape unmasks him publicly as a waterbender named Noatak. He flees Republic City and takes Tarrlok

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Amon bloodbends him, too, and strips Korra of her Water, Fire and Earth bending. Mako shoots him with lightning, giving them just enough time to escape. Amin catches up with the two but Korra surprises him with her newly found Airbending. Amon is projected into the water, revealing his scar to be a false one 1 Background 2 Arc 3 3 Powers and Items 3.1 Bending 3.2 Avatar Powers Korra was born in the Southern Water Tribe at the time of Aang's passing. At first, the Order of the White Lotus did not believe she was the next Avatar until their next meeting with her parents when Korra busted through the wall shouting, I am the Avatar! You got to deal with it! and started to bend Water, Fire and Earth. Korra fait partie des personnages principaux de la série animée La Légende de Korra. Elle est doublée en version originale par Janet Varney. Korra est une extravertie enthousiaste, même lorsqu'elle est enfant. Elle n'a pas peur de ses pouvoirs et prend beaucoup de plaisir à être une Bender. En.. Asami Sato was intended to be a major antagonist in the Nickelodeon animated television series The Legend of Korra, sequel series to Avatar: The Last Airbender.She would have been a spy for Amon and the Equalists, working with her father to take down Team Avatar and the current Avatar, Korra, from the inside. However, this was changed and Asami was rewritten into a heroic character Attempting to find Amon, Korra learns that Tarrlok and Amon are the sons of Yakone, a mob boss defeated 42 years ago by Avatar Aang. Amon strips Korra of her bending abilities; but Korra reveals her dormant airbending abilities in a moment of distress, and exposes Amon as a waterbender, causing all his followers to desert him

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Rules. Amon has two gauntlet tasers, to taser batons, 5 grenades, and two katanas. We've already seen Amon take on Korra with less than 24hrs of prep. Too easy for Amon. Amon. He's taken on. Avatar Korra é o personagem principal da série animada de televisão da Nickelodeon, The Legend of Korra (uma sequência de Avatar: O Último Mestre do Ar), no qual ela é retratada como a encarnação atual do Avatar de Raava - a personificação espiritual do equilíbrio e da mudança - responsável por manter a paz e a harmonia no mundo.Ela é a reencarnação imediata de Avatar Aang. Avatar Korra est le personnage principal de la série télévisée animée de Nickelodeon The Legend of Korra (une suite d' Avatar: The Last Airbender), dans laquelle elle est décrite comme l'incarnation actuelle de l'Avatar de Raava - l'incarnation spirituelle de l'équilibre et du changement - responsable du maintien de la paix et de l'harmonie dans le monde

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Amon could be the cabbage man because no one thinks about the weak ones plus Amon did keep his weapons in cabbage cro Awatar Korra to nastoletnia dziewczyna z Południowego Plemienia Wody. Jest następnym Awatarem po Aangu. Głównym zadaniem Korry była nauka magii powietrza, jednak ta sprawa spadła na drugi tor, kiedy do gry wkroczył Amon. Jednak dała sobie rade. Korra postanowiła przywrócić połączenie z dawnymi awatarami by jej poprzedniki miał łatwiej w nauce w byciu Awatarem. Korra nie. Amon's Invasion is an expansion for The Legend of Korra: Pro-bending Arena. The expansion adds 3 modes to your core game. Mode 1: And the Winner is... is a Co-Op scenario where players join forces to fight off Amon's Equalist forces. Mode 2: Avatar Korra (Solo Bender) lets a player be Avatar Korra and play her as a single team or incorporate her into And the Winner is... with. Zaheer is a major recurring character in Nickelodeon's animated television series The Legend of Korra (a sequel to Avatar: The Last Airbender). While he serves as the main antagonist of Book Three: Change, his actions have lingering effects on Avatar Korra and the series' plot in the following book. The character was created by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko and is voiced by Henry. In the series finale Korra faces Ozai and Amon, and she tries appeal to his father's better nature, but Amon appears to be untouched by her pleas. Ozai and Amon defeat Korra in a battle, and Ozai is about to energybend Korra's powers away, when all of a sudden Amon interrupts the process, saving his daughter

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The Legend of Korra (conocida en Hispanoamérica y España como La Leyenda de Korra ) es una serie estadounidense que es transmitida por Nickelodeon desde el 14 de Abril. Es derivada de Avatar: La leyenda de Aang, la cual fue transmitida en el mismo canal desde 2005 hasta 2008. Anteriormente la serie solo iba a contar con 2 temporadas pero debido al gran exito,la serie se extendio a 2 mas de. The Legend of Korra eller Avatar: The Legend of Korra, i Sydkorea känd som Kolayi Jeonseol (코라의 전설), är en amerikansk-koreansk-japansk animerad TV-serie som hade premiär på Nickelodeon den 14 april 2012. Serien har 52 avsnitt uppdelade på fyra säsonger, [1] och är en uppföljare till Avatar: Legenden om Aang, som sändes på samma kanal mellan 2005 och 2008 The Legend of Korra (TV Series 2012-2014) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more 1 How Korra joined the Tourney 2 Special Attacks 2.1 Solar Staff (Neutral) 2.2 Side Staff (Side) 2.3 Grappler Staff (Up) 2.4 Earthquake Staff (Down) 2.5 Dancing Staff (Hyper Smash) 2.6 Final Staff (Final Smash) 3 Victory Animations 4 Trivia Korra was born to Tonraq and Senna in the Southern Water Tribe, immediately following the death of Avatar Aang. At the age of four, she discovered that she. The Legend of Korra is an American animated television series created by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko. The series is a sequel to Avatar: The Last Airbender.The story of the first season follows the next Avatar in the cycle, Korra, as she learns the art of airbending, having mastered the other three elements, while facing an anti-bender revolution by a group known as the Equalists

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Korra legendája-The Legend of Korra A Wikipédiából, a szabad enciklopédiából A videojátékokról és a képregényekről lásd : Korra legendája (videojáték) és Korra legendája (képregény) Após o ocorrido, Korra decidiu confrontar diretamente Amon, enquanto seus companheiros cuidariam da pista de aeronave dos Igualitários, já que os aviões impediam que os navios do General Iroh chegassem até a Cidade República. Ao lado de Mako, Korra tentou enfrentar Amon, mas foi parada imediatamente pela dobra de sangue Leaving him behind, Amon disappeared and Tarrlok presumed he was dead until now. In a climactic end to season 1, Korra exposed Amon as a blood-bender, a forbidden art associated with evil, causing his Equalist followers to desert him. With his identity exposed and power base crumbling, Amon realized he had no chance of defeating the Avatar I feel so safe with you- Asami telling Mako her feelings on their romantic carriage ride. Asami Sato is the daughter of the wealthy industrialist Hiroshi Sato, and is a non bender. 1 Background 2 Meeting Mako 3 Helping Team Avatar 4 Saving Republic City Asami was born to a wealthy family and despite being polite she has a tough side. She is pro driver and racer and love see the pro bending.